About our clinics

Hair loss is a thorn in the side of many of us and can have a negative impact on the self-esteem, lifestyle as well as the general health of those affected.

Offering viable solutions to this issue has therefore been the sole mandate of the Hairline Clinic in Ankara, https://www.fue-hlc.com . We have remained deeply involved in the hair transplant industry since way back in 2002 and have kept up to date with all the new developments related to hair transplant and hair loss solutions.

We started offering Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP) early on in our clinic and have built up our practice to hold up to even the most exacting of standards.

Our SMP specialists are all masters in their field; well trained and handpicked from among the best artists in the world. We also make regular appearances to SMP training workshops, conferences and meetings all over the world.

Keeping abreast of any new developments and always improving our skills is what allows to always satisfy our clients’ requirements. Our patients have always trusted the quality of the results we offer.

The SMP procedure involves painstakingly replicating the appearance of real hair follicles using pigments that are injected into the scalp. There are two main types of SMP depending on how long the results of the procedure are expected to last. The regular SMP remains viable for around 3-6 years before the ink fades. On the other hand, temporary SMP (Trico-pigmentation) is for clients who want a less permanent treatment. In Trico-pigmentation, specialised ink and equipment are used to ensure the results fades within a single year.

Our clinic has the qualified personnel and necessary equipment required to perform both types of SMP expertly, satisfaction guaranteed.

The SMP procedure is performed in 3 sessions that occur over the course of 1-2 months. As a result, it can be quite inconvenient and expensive for clients in areas like Europe who need to travel back and forth for treatment. We therefore decided to open an SMP clinic in Switzerland to help remedy this. For patients living in Europe, it will certainly be faster and cheaper to travel to Switzerland to have their SMP procedure done.

To sweeten the deal, we offer to pick up those travelling to Switzerland from the airport. We will also help you when it comes to accommodations after you have arrived.

However, that doesn’t mean we are abandoning our branch in Ankara, Turkey. Clients who find it easier to travel to Ankara are more than welcome to come for their SMP procedure. We simply offer our services in both locations so that you can have your pick of the site which will suit you best. If you are worried about different prices in the clinics, then you can rest easy. The cost of the SMP procedure is exactly the same in both Switzerland and Turkey.