Scalp micropigmentation cost

The two most important factors that determine the cost of an item or service are the supply and demand. For most of the existence of modern SMP techniques, the demand has greatly surpassed the supply.

You could only find quality scalp micropigmentation services in a limited number of locations and from a limited number of providers.

Just like any other new product that suddenly becomes popular, the service providers of SMP enjoyed an ‘exclusive distribution’. They could freely dictate the prices and clients had no room to negotiate for more favourable prices.

Luckily, the demand for SMP has practically exploded overnight. Even though this new solution for hair loss has been on the map since 2002, it is only in the recent years that SMP really took off. Clients that only numbered in the hundreds now number in the hundreds of thousands and the number is only increasing. Furthermore, more people are training to be able to perform the SMP procedure successfully. With the supply and demand starting to balance out, the prices are getting reduced. Subsequently, SMP is getting more affordable as it becomes a popular choice.

Service providers

The number and variety of service providers for SMP are also increasing. A number of years ago, the procedure was mainly done at dedicated specialist clinics. Doing the procedure anywhere else was a recipe for disaster. Now, there is a multitude of service providers with different set-ups and operation costs.

There are independent clinics, franchised clinics, single location clinics and multi-location clinics. Even hair transplant clinics are now offering hair transplants coupled with SMP. Then there’s also the permanent make-up artists and salons that are now offering SMP procedures. Armed with extensive prior artistic experience involving pigmentation, they are producing impressive results. Different service providers may offer different prices but the expertise and risks involved varies. Those that have highly qualified specialists and unique techniques will naturally cost more. Make use of prior case studies and reviews of other clients to make your choice.

SMP-Procedure details

The cost of SMP is usually lower than that of hair transplantation because it’s not a medical procedure. The main determinant of the cost is the extent of the area in your scalp that requires pigmentation. A full head SMP treatment will certainly cost more than a minor procedure done on a localised area. Some clinics have standardised prices that are based on the Norwood and Ludwig classification of male and female pattern hair loss respectively. Each grade of the classification corresponds to a specific price.

Other than the area of hair loss, there some other factors that will determine the cost of the procedure:

  • Skin type. If you have particularly dry and sensitive skin, the specialist has to make certain considerations to perform the procedure without hurting your skin and causing too much pain. This may end up costing you more money
  • Hair characteristics. Hair colour, hair density and the hair style are major factors that determine many aspects of the procedure. The ink colours used, the number of hair follicles replicated and the type of SMP performed are just some of them. These all contribute to the overall cost.
As a result of all these factors, the pricing is usually tailored to the individual. That said, in general terms, the average cost for a full head SMP treatment is around €1600-2500 for the 2-3 sessions. For a single area, the price can be as low as €600. An SMP procedure done to conceal a strip-scar from a hair transplant will cost €400-1000. Keep in mind that although the procedure costs of tricopigmentation and permanent SMPs may not differ by much, tricopigmentation requires more frequent reapplications. This costs you more money in the long run.